2024 Calendar

I am very happy and honoured to share with you that Dutch photographer and historian Marjolein van Pagee has written a piece about me for the “Women in History” 2024 tear-off calendar. Marjolein had asked me because I speak out about adoption and, especially lately, relate it to colonialism.

Learning about the history of adoption, and in my case adoption in Indonesia, made it clear that the mindset of “saving” a child has remained unchanged from the time the Netherlands colonized Indonesia.

Separating children from their mother, family and community, was wrapped in the lie that the child would have a better life away from their ‘uncivilized’ community, or in other words; the indigenous people of Indonesia/ Nusantara.

The propaganda is still very much alive today and shows how persistent this manufactured lie is. We are confronted with a strong unwillingness of society to unlearn everything they know about adoption. But wanting to present yourself as a “white saviour” is precisely grounded in white supremacy and racism.

Thank you, Marjolein, for helping to create awareness about adoption (legalized child trafficking). Unfortunately, the adoption trade/industry still exists, so it’s important to keep talking about it.

Marjolein van Pagee is the founder of Histori Bersama

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